Isso Restaurants (Pvt.) Ltd (Collection)

Promotion poster for social media

Illustration to promote new branch in Maldives

Illustration for National Corn Day

Balloon 3v2
Illustration to introduce the newest menu item, Baby Octopus

The Great Isso Wave Off Kanagawa. This is probably the most intricate piece I’ve done for Isso – even counting the Maharajah Makhani. All those lines, the sea foam, the detailing on the waves… How the heck was the original hand-painted?

Father’s day 2018

Instagram story for a promotion running through October 2018, plus a variant. The pumpkin soup doesn’t glow like that in real life – that’s my handiwork, I promise. 


Illustration and poster design for a promotion running throughout the duration of the FIFA world cup 2018. They changed the tshirts on the prawns for every match, as well as the dishes they promoted.

Illustration to introduce a new menu style. 

Instagram promotion post

Illustration to promote a limited edition menu item, Isso Biriyani. I’m not going to lie, this was a trip to draw, but so much fun at the same time.

Illustration created for the kids’ place mat to be used in the restaurant

Illustration created for instagram, including the new menu items. This is probably my favorite Isso drawing so far. Nothing like a bunch of sea creatures chilling by a pool, I say.

CLIENT: Isso Restaurants (Pvt.) Ltd.

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