Hatch Works (Grand Opening)

Hatch Works (Pvt) Ltd

Invitation Set, Event Map, and Event Flyer

January 2019

I had the pleasure of working with the folks at Hatch to create materials to be used for their Grand Opening back in Jan 2019

An electronic Save The Date card that was sent out to invitees via email.
invitation: Outside
Invitation: Inside

The client wanted to get a little creative with the invitation they sent out. Instead of your regular ol’ single sheet card, this one was designed to look like a greeting card; an illustration of the Hatch building on the outside (plus a map to the car park at the back) and a little about section and agenda on the inside, so guests could know what to expect from the event.

Initial sketch for the event map cover
Final linework of the event map cover
Final version of the event map cover

The event map for the final day of Hatch’s 3 day launch was a fancy event map/flyer combo.

Opened up, the front of the flyer was a cartoon dissection of each floor of the Hatch building, complete with a key so attendees could find their way around. On the inside was the agenda, a small write up about the featured event and guest, plus a write up about Hatch.

Inside of the unfolded event map
University flyer

We also worked up a smaller single side flyer to be distributed at local colleges and universities.