Shehani + Sajin Wedding Stationary

Shehani & Sajin

Wedding Stationary

December 2019

My dear friends Shehani and Sajin got married in 2019, and I had the immense honor of designing their wedding stationary.

They wanted an invitation that was slightly more traditional, but with a modern take on things.

The couple were having a little garden wedding in the city, and their wedding colours were shades ranging from peach to rust, and they wanted me to bring in those elements into the invitation design.

They also wanted to keep the invitations traditional in spirit (floral elements, fancy script , and the inclusion of their parent’s names) but also wanted to stay away from the stuffy, sometimes bland designs you usually find with traditional invitations.

The final wedding invitation. Phone numbers have been changed to protect the couple’s privacy.

The couple also requested a sticker they could use both to seal the invitation envelopes, as well as use on their wedding cake boxes. We also then decided to lift the same design and use it on the hymn sheets in black and white.

Wedding cake box sticker / Envelope seal
Crest for hymn sheets

Mockup of the invitation and logo sticker