Little Bird Bakehouse

Little Bird Bakehouse

Logo + Branding

March 2020

Early in 2020, my mother decided to pursue a hobby of hers and opened up a little homebaking side-business.

Not only did she trust me to NAME the business and all the cakes we made, she also trusted me to create the logo and branding for our little Mother-Daughter bakehouse.

Logo Concepts

I had almost complete creative freedom with this project; I say almost because I obviously did have to run things by my mother and get her approval, of course. The only thing she was very firm about was that, when creating the logo for the brand, she wanted me to use this photo (above) of two Bee-eaters that she had taken.

Together, we also decided that we wanted the brand to feel modern, rustic, and home-spun. Thus, the general aesthetic for Little Bird Bakehouse was born; a textured, stamp-like logo, with graphics and assets that felt clean and minimalistic, but also had a touch of gentle chaos to them (mostly achieved with the custom scratchy font I created for the brand)

Social Media Post (concepts)


Brand Colours and Fonts

Receipt, Thank you card & Menu designs