Life Food Label Design

Life Food Label Design

When the owners of Life Food got the idea of launching their own line of sauces and marinades, they approached me to design their future labels.

Life Food

September 2019


Round 1

The client brief was simple: they wanted labels that looked luxe, high-end, but still fun. They initially toyed with the idea of patterns that featured the ingredients of each product. The most important thing to them was that there be a sense of cohesion within all the sauces and marinades in their range, but for each different sauce to stand out by colour so that buyers would have no problem picking their favourites out of a line up.

Round 2

After the first round of designs, the clients decided they wanted to pivot away from the ingredient focused patterns and instead work on abstract patterns that conveyed what the products were about.

Final Designs

We ultimately scaled back the decorative elements on the label, pulling out all the patterns and choosing to give prominence to the product name and colour.


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