Island Venture Tours

Island Venture Tours

Logo Design

May 2021

The client requested a fun, youthful, and tropical logo for her the new travel agency she was setting up.

She wanted her agency to focus on experience packages, and asked that the logo reflect that aspect of the business.

I worked on a few options for the client, but ultimately used the same inspiration for each option I gave her. The client was very specific about the logo needing to reflect the “experiential” aspect of the business, and so I chose to bring in elements that reminded one of our beaches and surfing, our mountains and hike trails, our greenery and our sunny weather.

Save the date

The couple also requested a simple map that could be enclosed with their invitations, so that guest would have an easy time finding the venue

In addition to creating a few variants of the logo, I also deconstructed the full logo into its separate elements to allow the client to use each element as an icon anywhere in her company’s branding.