Bunky Monkey – Logo Design

Bunky Monkey Hostels

Logo Design

June 2018

I was just coming off the Monkeybean logo design when I was approached to create another Monkey logo for a local hostel.

Initial sketches of proposed logos. I was just coming off another monkey logo when I was given this project, and tweaked a couple of rejected designs from the previous project that I really liked, because their vibes suited this client’s brief. I was also spelling “Bunky” wrong here.

Initially, this was the design the clients liked the most, and we went forward with vectorizing it. But once this sample was done, the clients realized they wanted to go with a more organic-looking monkey, and one that looked a little more like the local monkeys you’d find here in Sri Lanka.

The final logo, featuring the only creature I know who can successfully pull off a middle part that nerdy.