Absolute Joy

With My Feet

Graphic Design for Social Media

April 2022

I was asked to create a series of graphics for instagram and facebook for With My Feet’s 2022 dance show “Absolute Joy”

The show was held on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of April 2022.

I chose to make the information on the first set of graphics a little more prominent, so as to tease audience members about the show. The first set included 7 1:1 posts, as well as matching graphics for instagram stories.

For the second set, I went for a more dramatic approach, choosing to keep the show information smaller since that information had already been made public, and opting to give the dramatic shots of the dancers, as well as the show name, more prominence.

I also decided to play around with having the dancers wrap around the text to really push the sense of movement and drama. It also gave this set of graphics a nice editorial feel.

I also worked on a set of dancer profiles, a set of three countdown graphics leading up to opening night, and two graphics to announce opening and closing night.